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If you would like to make a referral call us on 01708 961111 or complete the form below then email it to: info@haveringcarershub.org.uk.



*End of Life Workshop is now 8th Spetember 2021 - Please contact us to book your place!


Carers Trust have kindly awarded us funding under the Carers Getting Together funding across Barking and Dagenham and Havering, this funding will go towards the costs of two trips to Brighten on 7th September and 11th September


Booking are being taken so please ring 0208 593 4422



Havering Vaccination Information



Opening times

Vaccine type / How to book

Day Lewis Pharmacy - Romford Gooshays Dr,
Romford, RM3 9LB

Monday to Friday
8AM - 8PM


Saturday, 9AM-1PM


Walk in (Tuesday Friday 9-12, 4-8

Or book in advance online

St Martin's Church (Kry-Ba Pharmacy)                                   21 Goresbrook Road
Dagenham RM9 6XA

Monday to Friday
9AM - 6.30PM


Saturday, 9AM-2PM

 Walk in

 BenCrest Chemist                         67-69 Park Lane,
 Hornchurch RM11 1BH

 Monday to Friday

9.30AM – 5.30PM  

Saturday, 9.15AM - 2PM 

 Booked and Walk in 


Liberty Shopping Centre
11 Western Rd,
Romford RM1 3RL

Monday to Sunday

       8AM - 8PM


Tesco (vaccine bus, in carpark near entrance of store)
 Roneo Corner

Mon 9 Aug, 11AM - 3PM 

Mon 23 Aug, 4PM - 7PM 

Tues 14 Sept, 4PM - 7PM

 Walk in

Tesco (vaccine bus, in carpark near entrance of store)

Tues 10 Aug, 11AM - 3PM

Tues 7 Sept, 4PM - 7PM

Tues 21 Sept, 4PM - 7PM

 Walk in

Tesco (vaccine bus, in carpark near entrance of store)
Gallows Corner

 Mon 16 Aug, 11AM - 3PM 

Mon 6 Sept, 4PM - 7PM 

Mon 20 Sept, 4PM - 7PM

 Walk in

Harold Wood Library
Arundel Road,
Romford RM3 0RX

 Tues 17 Aug, 11AM - 3PM

 Walk In

Collier Row Library 
45 Collier Row Road
Collier Row, Romford RM5 3NR

 Mon 16 Aug, 5PM - 8PM

Mon 13 Sept, 4PM -7PM

 Walk in

If you aren’t able to join the walk-in clinics this weekend, the North East London Health and Care Partnership has published a list of all the places in Havering, and in neighbouring London boroughs, where you can get vaccinated close to your home.

Helping getting jabbed

Phone handset

Havering Council staff are working in partnership with the NHS to invite residents in the first nine priority groups for vaccination who have not yet had both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, to get their jabs as soon as possible.

Havering Council and the NHS will support them in getting vaccinated by providing, where necessary, transport and online booking.

If that is you, or a friend or relative of yours, please expect a call from Havering Council on 01708 434343.

The people making the calls do not have access to any resident's medical details, so cannot discuss anything other than support to get a vaccine appointment.

  • If you receive a call from another number you don't recognise, that requests money or personal details from you and that you believe may be fraudulent, you can report it on the ActionFraud hotline: 0300 123 2040 or online. Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime run by City of London Police.
  • If you want to check whether something is a scam you can also visit the Citizens Advice website.

Please click here for a copy of our Spring/Summer 2021 Newsletter.


Below is our Beating Isolation Calender for 2021.


Our Carers have enjoyed our Zoom Yoga Sessions, would be great to see you there!





Beware scammers...

During the Covid pandemic, scammers have never been keener to relieve you of your money!

Recently, several Healthwatch members and Friends have been targetted by scammers. These people have become very sophisticated in the techniques they use to persuade people to hand over cash.

In one case, the scammers somehow managed to hack into an email account and take it over without the owner's knowledge. Everyone in that person's contact list received an email, purportedly from the person, saying that they had been stranded overseas and asking for a substantial sum to help them get home.

The email was not phrased in a way that someone who was genuine would use and, of course, at the moment, it is not possible to travel overseas.

In another case, someone received an email supposedly from Royal Mail, asking for payment for a parcel to be delivered. Apparently, there are also texts arriving on the same theme. Again, it's a scam - how would Royal Mail know anyone's email address when delivering a letter or parcel?

If you get an email or text promising you a fortune, or asking for financial help, or asking for payment for some goods or services you have not ordered or do not expect, it is almost certainly a scam - so do NOT reply to it. If it seems to have come from someone you know or a firm you do have dealings with, contact them by some other means to check.

If you receive a phone call you are suspicious about, never redial from the same phone. Use another phone to call the originator on a number you know or find in recent correspondence - scammers will often call people but not hang up when the person called rings off, so if you use the same phone to make a confirmatory call, you simply speak to the scammer again...

Remember - if you have any concerns, simply delete the email or text, or put the phone down.

Identifying early signs of worsening health in a person with a learning disability click here  


Support for Adult Carers is available from the Havering Carer's Hub you can register with us by calling us on 01708 961111 or you can email us on info@haveringcarershub.org.uk 




For up-to-date information from Havering Council please click here

Our Men's Zoom Support Group dates are:-

19 May, 16 June, 21 July, 18 August 2021



You can click here for information about Havering Mind Telephone Gateway Service