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Beware scammers...

During the Covid pandemic, scammers have never been keener to relieve you of your money!

Recently, several Healthwatch members and Friends have been targetted by scammers. These people have become very sophisticated in the techniques they use to persuade people to hand over cash.

In one case, the scammers somehow managed to hack into an email account and take it over without the owner's knowledge. Everyone in that person's contact list received an email, purportedly from the person, saying that they had been stranded overseas and asking for a substantial sum to help them get home.

The email was not phrased in a way that someone who was genuine would use and, of course, at the moment, it is not possible to travel overseas.

In another case, someone received an email supposedly from Royal Mail, asking for payment for a parcel to be delivered. Apparently, there are also texts arriving on the same theme. Again, it's a scam - how would Royal Mail know anyone's email address when delivering a letter or parcel?

If you get an email or text promising you a fortune, or asking for financial help, or asking for payment for some goods or services you have not ordered or do not expect, it is almost certainly a scam - so do NOT reply to it. If it seems to have come from someone you know or a firm you do have dealings with, contact them by some other means to check.

If you receive a phone call you are suspicious about, never redial from the same phone. Use another phone to call the originator on a number you know or find in recent correspondence - scammers will often call people but not hang up when the person called rings off, so if you use the same phone to make a confirmatory call, you simply speak to the scammer again...

Remember - if you have any concerns, simply delete the email or text, or put the phone down.

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