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Personal Assistant Finder

Personal Assistants

A personal assistant is someone that can be employed to help you if you need social care and / or healthcare support, either because of a disability or condition a young person has.

What can they support with?

Personal assistants can help carry out a range of tasks to support you, including:

  • personal care, such as helping you to get washed and dressed
  • preparing meals
  • finding and going to leisure and recreation activities
  • socialising and helping you to get involved in your community
  • supporting you at your place of work
  • shopping services
  • cleaning and housework
  • health-related tasks

Who is eligible?

To get a personal assistant, you will need to be under the age of 18 with eligible support needs.

How to arrange

For more information about getting a personal assistant for children and young people, please contact Havering’s PA coordinator by emailing Mary.Ward@havering.gov.uk or calling 01708 433801 between 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.